About Us

Quran Quotes is a website that provides pictures of verses and Quotes from the Holy Quran. The sole purpose of this website is to remind people to Allah, The One True God. The website itself is inspired from verses of The Holy Quran.



“By time,

Indeed, mankind is in loss.

Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds

And advised each other to truth,

And advised each other to patience.”


Pictures Used by Quran Quotes

All pictures used by this website as background pictures are free. They are mostly taken from pixabay, morguefile and other websites that provide free pictures. As for pictures that aren’t taken from those sites, attribution will be imprinted.

Translations Used by Quran Quotes

All translations in this website are in english. There are many sources that provide english translations. Translations used in this website are valid and they are used in other website as well, such as Quran.com.

Our Team

Our Team consists of two people.  We are college students from Indonesia that want to learn more about Al-Quran. We create this website as part of our dakwah and to remind people to Allah. Due to privacy matter, we cannot share our names but you can contact us through contact page.

Want to contribute?

We accept every help from our visitor. If you are a photographer or someone who good at typography and photo editing and of course interested to help, your help is very welcomed. We will certainly attribute your name when your work is published. You can send your work to our email, admin[at]quranquotes[dot]info.